Website Design

website design limassol cyprus

We create professional, contemporary looking websites, keeping a strong focus on functionality. Benefit from all the advantages the World Wide Web has to offer to your business without paying a small fortune.

If you have a business your website needs to do more than just look impressive. Either you have an office, a shop, sell products, services or even both; then owning a site and having a strong online presence is a must. Limdez, a Limassol based company serving the whole island of Cyprus, strives for efficiency and quality offering fully bespoke, intuitive web design that not only looks great, but also works great. Our industry leading web designers are at the forefront of modern web aesthetics and possess the knowledge and expertise needed to create online experiences that motivate potential clients to interact and make contact.

Our web developers have an in depth understanding of the constantly changing online landscape and the behaviours of Internet users. Our web design team has expert knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) as well as payment gateway options for online shop developments.

We strongly believe that all businesses should be financially able to have and maintain a website for their online presence. That is why we reconsidered the way web designers and web developers charge, and what happened is that we came up with a totally different philosophy regarding charging and created our exclusive pricing process. We design & build sites to cater for all budgets.

The purpose and main use of each site sets its nature and some important characteristics, so a lot of times websites look alike. But we want to add our unique touch when designing, so we take our work a step further and always deliver ideal and functional web solutions, leading our clients in new pioneering paths.

How it all works

Firstly we discuss the requirements of your project and help you decide which of our three different plans would best suit your company’s needs. Colours, layout, content main purpose and use of the website. The second step is to present you a variety of ideas and designs that could be used as a starting point in the design process of your site. After everything is discussed and settled we prepare for you a practical yet fabulous website to serve in broadening your customers range and target group. We can also make any changes you want to the design until this is final. Upon your request, we can even write the content of the website (or proof read it) and photograph your premises. The duration for building a complete website is about 2-6 weeks.